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Jan Köster and his law firm have led the way on far more than 100 company formations and are continually advising a multitude of medium-sized businesses on all matters relating to commercial and corporate law. In addition, to medium-sized businesses, we also represent venture funds, start-ups and family-owned companies around the Bavaria. Moreover, clients from the rest of Germany and other European countries also seek and appreciate the expertise of the Köster legal practice.

Regardless of which legal issue brings you to our offices in Munich’s museum quarter, we are looking forward to meeting you in person!

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We provide you with guidance in questions that cover all aspects of commercial law: trade law, labour law, banking and financial market law. We draft impermeable terms and conditions for your business that are tailored to your needs and your branch of industry. Furthermore, we offer our services to update existing contracts and documents to meet current legal norms as well as standards set by new legislation or court rulings. We also advise in matters concerning commercial and intellectual property protection.

Our corporate law consulting services

Even before founding a business, the expertise of experienced corporate lawyers is required when it comes to choosing the right legal form and assessing the advantages and disadvantages of the different available legal forms for your business. We ensure that you find the right legal form that meets your wishes and expectations and that allows your business to thrive. 

Of course, we continue to support our clients during the entire process of founding the company as well as with the drafting of tailored articles of incorporation and contracts. This is especially important since standard articles of incorporation and contracts are hardly ever an exact match for what our clients require. Our careful formulations lay the foundations that will help you avoid lengthy and costly legal disputes in the future.  We help and enable our clients to find tailor-made solutions for their future business structures and purposes.

However, our job does not end there:

Many of our clients have come to rely on our support and services whenever decisions require not only operative solutions, but legal solutions. We advise managing directors and proprietors in a wide variety of questions, ranging from liability questions that might come up in day-to-day operations to complex legal questions in times of crisis. We support our clients with any legal questions regarding mergers and acquisitions. We coordinate and draft important corporate and shareholder resolutions. We prepare recapitalisations. We settle shareholder disputes both in and outside of the courtroom. We amend the articles of incorporation in order to meet the requirements of changing circumstances. We draft employment contracts for managing directors as well as employment contracts for senior staff members.

In short, corporate law is our core business and expertise. However, we also competently cover related legal questions within the wider field of commercial law, ranging from labour law and trade law to competition law and commercial and intellectual property protection. With Köster Law Offices you can be sure to have found a reliable and competent partner to help you realise your desired results efficiently and assertively.

The list below gives an overview of some of our activities within the field of corporate law:

  • Formation of limited liability companies
  • Formation of other corporate structures
  • Settlement of disputes between shareholders
  • Changes to the articles of incorporation
  • Employment contracts for managing directors
  • Liability issues concerning partners or management
  • Recapitalisations
  • Restructuring
  • Mergers and Acquisitions

We also advise on the following key areas of commercial law:

  • Private equity / venture capital funds
  • Commercial and intellectual property protection and competition law
  • Labour law
  • Trade law
  • Drafting of contracts as well as terms and conditions
  • Tax law
  • Media and IT law